Posted: 09th March 2023

We’ve Become B Corp!

We are thrilled to announce that Workplace Futures Group and its subsidiaries, including Modus, Ambit, Two, and Platfform, have achieved the coveted status of Certified B Corporation®. This is a significant milestone for us as it demonstrates our commitment to social and environmental responsibility, and our continued dedication to sustainable business practices.

With over three decades of experience in the industry, our company has always strived to conduct business with transparency, accountability, and purpose. Our mission has been to create a positive impact for all stakeholders, including our clients, employees, partners, and the communities we serve.

The B Corp™ certification is an essential aspect of our mission, as it empowers us to hold ourselves accountable for the impact of our business activities on all of our stakeholders. By obtaining this certification, we pledge to ensure that our work contributes to the betterment of society and the environment.

As a parent company for multiple subsidiaries, we will collaborate closely with each of them to share knowledge and resources to build a better future for all. We firmly believe that businesses can and should be a force for good, and we are committed to upholding this belief in all of our operations.

Becoming a Certified B Corporation™ is a journey, not a one-time achievement. It requires a continual commitment to sustainable business practices and ethical decision-making. We are excited to be a part of a community of like-minded companies who share our philosophy, and we pledge to continue our efforts towards creating a better world.

We understand that our commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is essential, now more than ever, and we believe that we can create a positive impact by working together with our employees, clients, partners, and the broader community.

We are honoured to join the B Corp community and look forward to working together with our fellow B Corps to create a positive impact on the world. As we continue to move forward on our journey towards sustainability, we thank you for your continued support and trust in our company.