Chemistry of collaboration: making social connections matter

by Condeco
// Research

How can employees rebuild their social capital at work? In this exclusive extract from a new Condeco report with WORKTECH Academy, we look at the importance of unplanned collaboration in a world of flexible working

Despite the rapid and often successful rollout of remote working during the pandemic, large corporate organisations are now planning for their employees to return to the office. One reason for the rush to get back the workplace is to rebuild those informal social interactions serendipitous encounters and unplanned collaborations that are closely related to positive business outcomes.

During 2021, Condeco and WORKTECH Academy have engaged in a rolling research programme, entitled ‘Condeco Conversations’, to understand the barriers that corporate real-estate professionals face and explore the new solutions available as a more flexible world of work starts to emerge.

View the report  here.

Written by Condeco.