What’s in a theory? Your future workplace might depend on it

by Sally Augustin
// Research

A new handbook draws on research in the scientific field to find alternative ways to address key workplace management issues. Its message: there’s nothing so practical as a good theory

With A Handbook of Management Theories and Models for Office Environments and Services (Routledge, London 2022), Vitalija Danivska (Aalto University) and Rianne Appel-Meulenbroek (Eindhoven University of Technology) continue their important efforts to move workplace design-relevant theories and research out into practice where they can be used to improve both worker and organisational wellbeing and performance.

The articles included in this volume are particularly useful for resolving workplace management challenges.

In their Preface, Danivska and Appel-Meulenbroek make it clear what’s covered in the book: ‘The chapters in this second book of the series contain theories and models focused on management processes, strategy development and delivering value to multiple stakeholders. It explains 18 theories. . . together with all 35 authors in this book, we took a step towards a real “transdisciplinary” approach and connected the insights from these theories in the last chapter.

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Written by Sally Augustin.