Guide to calculating the space you’re really going to need

by Brad Robichaux and Stephanie Wood
// Research

As we enter the hybrid era, merely using headcount to calculate requirements for office space does not provide a holistic enough insight into workplace culture, morale, productivity, and wellbeing. Could there be a better process?

There are many factors that go into figuring out the sort of office space your client needs during the design process. These might include staff count and the number of meeting rooms. However, from a design perspective, in order to ensure that we are successfully creating an engaging and productive workspace, we must think beyond numbers and through a lens of wellbeing. These are things that sometimes clients forget, but through asking the right questions whilst space planning, for example, ‘what postures do your employees prefer for different tasks? Upright and focused? Lounged and relaxed? Open and noisy (collaborative)? Dark and enclosed (head down)?’, we can properly assess the sort of work environment we’re planning for.

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Written by Brad Robichaux and Stephanie Wood.